The statistics of domestic violence are shocking. It affects all types of people regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, economic status & geographic location. I used to be one of those that believed if a person was being abused, it would be easy to stop it. "Just call the cops or kick him in the groin" were thoughts that often went through my head. It's crazy how often it happens. I almost wouldn't have believed the stats....

And then I experienced Domestic Violence firsthand by the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I have experienced living in Hell and it is not a pleasant experience. I was embarrassed and began to believe that something was really wrong with me. It was only after I confided in a few trusted friends that things started to change. I was able to leave that situation through the drastic actions of some friends & family. But it took time to heal. I was only a shell of the person I used to be and I continued to live in fear that he would come back. That I would end up in that situation again. Time passed, wounds healed, and I was able to regain my confidence, my dreams and aspirations, and I became me again.


Fast forward 5 years and I had the opportunity to meet (and become very good friends) with another fabulous soul that had the misfortune of going through the exact same thing (and worse) with the VERY SAME man. It opened up my eyes that I wasn't the cause of the abuse and neither was she. It was HIM. It riled something up inside me and I felt I needed to do something, anything, to help support organizations that help women going through abuse. I also wanted to help raise awareness so that others wouldn't think the way I did before my DV ordeal. I've been scoffed at. "Why didn't you just leave?" "Why do you still care about him?" "Do you get off on pain?" Until you are in the situation, you don't know how you're going to react. and what you will do. It's not so black and white. The judgments that some victims get are pretty heartbreaking. But you know what, we're still BEAUTIFUL in mind, heart, body & soul. We're BRAVE for enduring what we have. And we're BADASS. We can move on and forward regardless what we have been through.

If you are a victim, have been a victim, or know a victim, know that help is out there. Sometimes all it takes is confiding in a trusted friend or relative or sometimes it takes more drastic measures by being brave and reaching out to an organization that can help you, like the Domestic Violence Hotline that you can call or chat online with. If you know of someone being abused but aren't sure how to help, just be there for them and check out this great site with handy tips. I also recommend that everyone read this book.

The stats of Domestic Violence are troubling, but perhaps the more people that are aware the better. We can stand as one against Domestic Violence and turn these stats around. We can ALL be Badass, Brave & Beautiful!



If you prefer to make your own donation to help support the national domestic violence hotline, click below!