Hello! Are you curious about something/ We’re sure you have some questions about our products and process, so feel free to take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below! If you’re still curious about something we didn’t cover, get in touch with us at

What method of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Corvidae gift cards issued in USD. Only one card may be applied per order.


Your card will be charged at the time your order is placed. If you are using a Corvidae issued gift card, the funds will be removed from your balance at the time your order is placed.


We are unable to offer gift-wrapping services at this time. However, you are welcome to include a handwritten gift message with your order by checking the box labeled THIS ORDER IS A GIFT during the SHIPPING METHOD step in the checkout process and entering your own personal message in the box provided.


While our hours are ever changing from day to day, we are typically busy printing & creating, fulfilling orders, & answering questions Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm MTN. We do not ship any orders on Saturdays or Sundays.

Are the textiles machine washable?

Yes they are! Be sure to wash in cold or warm to preserve the quality of the print. And also avoid excess rubbing (like when trying to remove a stubborn stain).

Are these your drawings?

Yes! They are!
Each of these images are one of our original drawings or designs done by owner/artist Kim Shirley. She sketches them in one of her many notebooks or sketchbooks with a pencil and pen. The image is then scanned and uploaded into the computer and photoshop may be used to clean things up (if needed). 
With the wrapping paper, Photoshop is used to repeat the design or add colors before printing.


We are not required to collect sales tax on any orders outside of Montana.


For non-customized goods, we can offer returns and exchanges but are not responsible for return shipping & handling fees. Any digital instant downloads are non-refundable. Customized goods are non-refundable. If your item is damaged in transit, we are more than happy to replace it with proof of damage.

Will the print fade?

Not normally. They may have a tendancy to fade if washed in hot water, used with abrasive soaps/detergents, or vigorioiusly rubbed. Some stain sprays may have an undesired effect on the print (some areas fade while others do not). 

Can I bleach my towel (or other textiles)?

We have tested a few of our towels with bleach (wash cold or warm) and they washed well and looked just like they did after printing.  Spot test an area of the print if you are unsure. Or you can try baking soda before washing!

Are you Eco Friendly?

We at Corvidae are passionate about the planet we call home and want to do our very best to limit our waste footprint. Kim was especially moved after watching a documentary called Plastic Paradise years ago when she was starting Corvidae (streaming on netflix. Watch it!). She was compelled to do something! 
As a result, we use recycled packing materials to ship our products and also use an eco-friendly non toxic water based screen printing ink. 
We print on eco friendly fabrics...100% Cotton & 100% Linen (They are all natural fabrics and biodegradable).

Do you take Custom and personalized orders?

We can! Customization ranges from $50.00-$250.00 (depending on # of colors/size of customization). Customization takes 1-4 weeks from start until completion. 
You can also commission us to do a specific image, in our drawing style, as well! Prices start at $180. Message us and we can start a conversation of what you want. Commissions take 3-8 weeks from start until completion.

What is your process?

We Screen Print all of our textile products with an eco friendly water based screen printing ink.